Benjamin Hair – Just Swim For Life Foundation

Waterproofing Communities, Saving Lives

What is the relationship between the JSL and BH-JSL?

The JSL and the BH-JSL share the mission of providing a healthy, challenging, and rewarding growth experience through swimming for children and adults. The Jefferson Swim League does this by assuring its participants have fun, learn the fundamentals of swimming, learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and put forth their best effort in the sport of swimming. The Benjamin Hair Just Swim for Life program provides the additional dimension of training the community in water safety. By partnering together, the two organizations exhibit the important qualities of teamwork, participation in life of the community, and accepting the important challenge and opportunity of assuring that our friends and neighbors are safe around the water. At its June 20, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting, the JSL Board unanimously voted to partner with the BH-JSL to further promote their related missions. JSL and BH-JSL will share leadership positions in their mutual organizations.