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USS 5k Opportunities in the East

The spring/summer competitive swimming calendar in the US is so short and dense, there is little time and opportunity to focus on open water.  Even teams whose winter competitive season ends by April 1st there is only 10 weeks between that day and say Jun 15th when the summer racing calendar really kicks in.  Then, there are only about 6 weeks from mid June till summer sectionals.  For swimmers who have yet to qualify for sectionals the season is even shorter.  Unless someone were to host a pool meet in the June/July timeframe that had an extra open water distance session (which may be an idea who's time has come!) that leaves only April and May for open water racing.  

So where are the races?  And how many feature internationals distances (5/10k)?  Well, they are few and far between, especially in the mid-Atlantic where water temps limit us to the last 2-3 weeks in May But they do exist, and here they are:

I am a little shocked at how few USS open water races there are in April-May, so let me know in the comments if I've missed some.  Special thanks to the calendar at